Saturday, December 7, 2013

I Guess I Need the Library After All

As you may recall I wondered about finding a new library for myself once I wasn't in one everyday.  Since I retired in September, I've been in my local library once to pick up a request.  I haven't been anywhere else.

I have a wondrous pile of my own to be read books.  I keep getting recommendations on Facebook for ebook versions of mysteries free or on sale.  My shelves also happen to runneth over with many books I haven't had the time to read, and now I do have it.

My baking fiendishness has made me appreciate a nice cookbook, with those small essays about the author of the book or the recipes themselves.  I have a pretty small cookbook collection and usually any given cookbook yields only a few recipes you want to make over and over.

Here is where the library, that venerable institution, comes in handy.  I can go there with my coinage and copy the recipes I want, or check the books out and enjoy the essays, copy recipes and return them.

The other big topic where I would want to read and return the books is gardening.  I have a lot of books on gardening, but you just never know what neat idea someone may have or what distinctive new gardening voice there may be.

Off we go to the library!


  1. THERE you are! :D

    1. I should have signed: Love, Yvonne

  2. Hi there Yvonne! Welcome to my corner of the universe :)