Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Fifth Blogiversary to the D.O.A. Blog!

Five years ago today I posted my first DOA post right here.

Adorably brief, yet witty.  That would be me!   I found a nice little skellie reading a book for my avatar.

Then I used one of the many image editing sites from 23 Things On a Stick to make it my own.

I'm glad that I kept writing here after the 23 Things program ended.  I'm surprised how much I've enjoyed it.

Thanks to anyone who stops by regularly, or even once in awhile, or for the first time.  You're always welcome at DOA Central.


  1. Thanks! It means a lot coming from a long time reader and blogging inspiration such as yourself.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'll have to look and see when I should celebrate mine. I admire people like you who keep track of thing.

  3. Thanks, Kaye. I am not sure I've nited the anniversary of the blog before but something tripped in my tiny brain and I looked back through the archives to see how long it had been.

  4. I'm glad you mentioned it because my 5 year anniversary is the 18th. Now I have a blog topic.