Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scathingly Brilliant

So, I was twitching to look at crochet patterns and yarn and cotton thread.  This is known to some as "the thrill of the hunt".  The pleasure of acquisition!

There were of course some lovely yarns.  I don't have what could be called a yarn stash and I don't want one.  So I'm disciplining myself to only getting new yarn or thread for a particular project.

I have two in progress that I'm enjoying.  I find that after years of making only afghans I want more practical yet beautiful homey things like placemats and table runners and scarves.

Today I found some lovely crochet project pamphlets and books.  They are just the sort of thing I've been hoping for and some were on sale.  So my thinking is, I can hunt for patterns rather than all that yarn.  It takes up far less space and is most pleasing to dream over.

I didn't see any cotton yarn today that went with any of my project patterns.

Off I went though, happy with my things. I've decided that it would be fun to treasure hunt the sorts of things I like so next stop is the library to see what they have for me.

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