Sunday, March 1, 2015

National Crafting Month

According to Craftsy it is National Crafting Month.

I thought I would work on ( but surely not complete --noooo that would be wrong) several of my works in long progress.  We shall see at months' end if I've advanced on any of them.

I only need 23 more squares for my Granny afghan.  It was my plan to make two squares per day but I keep messing up on the first two rows so pull pull pull out I go.

I need to rewrite and re-do some pages in my family history scrapbooks before I can advance given new information I have gained since beginning the project.
I have one for each of my siblings so each page is reproduced eight times.  The cover of each I personalized for everyone.   Mine has my two long time heroines and me as essentially the person I am inside.  Yes, I really am immature.  I like it.

There is something delicate and charming about Embroidery.  I love the little outlined drawings and the lovely colors.

I took an embroidery class and here are practice stitches which I will need to learn all over again.

Here is the project I will be working on this month, just barely begun so any progress will be welcome.

I used to go to a local ceramics place with mom and we had a great time picking out fun things to do.

I picked this bookend out as the ceramic project to work on because it hasn't much that needs to be done, plus, who needs bookends more than I do?

Tsk, shaky photos!

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