Sunday, March 29, 2015

Garden Shopping 102

A light drizzle today turned into a blustery pouring rain.  No worries, I needed a pruning saw and a few other things from the Let's Do It shoppe: Home Depot.

Usually Home Depot lacks the whimsy that I find at Menards.  Today, however they had some fun stuff.

Who knew there were Martha Stewart seeds?

I didn't see any I wanted but interesting to know they carry these as well as Ferry Morse and Burpee.

I found these little wooden crate herb boxes charming but didn't get them.

I have an old metal shelf in the garage that would be nice for my house plants on the pseudo-deck.  It is currently gun metal gray.  I've seen lots of examples of charmingly painted shelves lately so we're going turquoise.  It will be beauteous.

So many of my trees and shrubs need trimming and shaping.  We must have five different pruning loppers but the need a lot more strength than any of us have. 

I finally have an actual pruning saw.

My beloved iron garden shelves in many shapes (including a bicycle) have needed something that would hold plants or pots without the things falling through the spaces in the ironwork.

Florists moss is often suggested, but it is expensive, hard to find, and comes in tiny bags.

These cocoa hull (?) liners were reasonable and may be my answer.

I'm no fan of seed tape, having tried it once long ago with nary a sprout.  I am apparently easily swayed by Insta-Grow plants in clever containers.

Miracle Gro has these cuties:

With Easter next weekend I'm in full egg mode so I needed these:

Somehow in recent years I've developed a love of watering cans so these went in the cart:

I don't need any plant labels but we're talking Mickey Mouse.  They also had Goofy and Disney Princesses.  Seriously.

Though they're not remarkable, these jumped in my basket.  

Garden dreaming !

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