Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hog Wild Storytime

As a followup to my post on my once in a lifetime storytime, here is what we did:

Used my Scrapbooking supplies to make a little sign so I could say today's storytime is brought to you by the letter P!

I quizzed them on what are a baby pig, mother pig and daddy pig called?

Read three books (Piggy Pie Po, Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch, Granny Gomez & Jigsaw). I thought Piggy Pie Po by Don and Audrey Wood went the best and had the nicest flow between words and pictures for the wee crowd--all ages three and below.

Did This Little Piggy went to market...with our fingers rather than TOES. Sacrilege!

Sang the Pigs on the farm go oink oink oink to the tune of Wheels on the Bus.

Did a Fingerplay about black and white pigs that went well and allowed us all to work on our counting and finger waggling skills.

I attempted to get everyone to Oink each time I read the word Oink in a story but the group resisted after the first Oink or so.

I had pictures of famous pigs on the wall behind me and asked the crowd to identify them. The moms get kudos for DEEP PIGGY KNOWLEDGE.


  1. I feel like a piker next to you, DOA. Very creative. Next time I'm planning storytime, I'm turning to you for advice.