Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the Desk with the Insulted by Your Bad Behavior Librarian

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In the coming year, be nice to your neighborhood librarian. They are potentially able to help you with just about any question you have. Rare indeed!

On the Desk: Thou Shalt Not:

Yank on the door we’re trying to unlock

Steal paper from the copier ( or steal anything from us for that matter. Emptying the copier is BAD)

Ask the same question every single day as if it were new

Spend all day at the library every day and act like you don’t know what our hours are..for example you are unwilling to leave each night because you think we’re open till midnight.

Move the furniture around so you can be all comfy. Go on home and create that snuggly spot for yourself.

Ask the same question several different ways to which the answer is still no.

Remark that we are too busy, too not busy. We are available to help you either way.

Try to get us to override your bazillion overdues so you whatever. Pay up!

Demand to know how we’re doing in a manner that says we’d better be just chipper or ELSE.

Sometimes the answer is NO.

And my favorite post chemo no freakin' hair comment: Don't ask!!!!! WHAT'S WITH THE SCARF? if it was a personal silly insult to you!!!! Eat Beans and dig deep for the politeness your momma should have taught you.

Ah....D.O.A. Lives, and it is GOOD :)

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  1. After leaving 20 minutes late tonight because of people leaving kids and cell phones behind, I am sympathetic to your posting.