Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Getting Old Rolls Of Film Processed

As if I don't have enough photographs to sort out, I somehow have a few old rolls of undeveloped film. 

I hoped I might be able to bring these to light with my photo scanner, but apparently that doesn't work.

I found instructions for developing them yourself without a darkroom, even, but meh.

I've bookmarked this site    They say they'll process, digitalize, put on CD, and send you the negatives (which you actually can scan with your scanner).  They will even correct colors (apparently older unprocessed film takes on odd reddish coloring) if you don't have any photo editing program yourself.

Another tool in the quest to get my scrapbooks in divine shape.

I haven't used them yet myself, but I will be sending in a couple of rolls to see what is unearthed.


  1. I've used the Darkroom to develop film too... a whole role of 120 film taken on an old 1937 Coronet, folding camera I attempted to fix.

    Nothing like getting an empty packet and a stack of film negatives with nothing on it. :-(

    Still, it was mighty convenient.

    1. It's impressive they could attempt to process film that old. None of my rolls would be older than the 80s.
      Well worth it to see what's on those undeveloped rolls, if they're not empty,
      Thanks for letting me know you've used the service.