Saturday, June 1, 2013

Working on a Book Blog

Grumble grumble.  I find that I like doing book reviews but I often have trouble writing them.  It is like a book report in school or something. 

Still, recently an author actually asked me if I would like an arc of a new title and agh I've been waiting for this sequel for over a year and so I said YES.  I give my mailing address and no book.  Finally it turns out only a select few people with actual book blogs apparently were getting arcs and those who occasionally write reviews but have other completely silly topics on their blogs were Bozos Non Grata.   No arc for you!

I decided to make YET ANOTHER blog that is all books.  I'll still talk about books here but a nice full review will be on the Billionth Book Blog in the Universe.  Maybe I should have called it that, hmmm.

Anywho, I'm not linking to this bookish blog until I have at least ten reviews to get it started.  There will be no ads, no links to Amazon.  Back, I say back! 

I might link to Good Reads because authors really seem to think it helps them, and I want to share the good reading I do in as many ways as possible.

I'm retiring this fall, as you know, so I should be able to have plenty more time to read and recommend.

Watch this space!

6/12/13  Yo ho! I have completed one review!  9 to go!  I have set up the pages for about the next five, so I've got my books picked out, it is just a matter of putting virtual keyboard to virtual paper.

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