Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Goals: Blogging

I think I was right in November to look back at my early blogging efforts for inspiration.   In nearly ten years, I've tried all sorts of things.

This blog will always be a kitchen sink blog topically.  You can tell by my goals for 2018 that I'm here, there and everywhere.   Inside my head is almost always a good place to be.  When it isn't, I don't write!

I'll continue many of the topics I used in November, and am going to use Publisher to make month by month calendars for myself with post ideas.

I'm not going to post daily, but several times a week is a goal.

More of my creative efforts in all areas await.

Gardening season starts in December when those catalogs start coming in.  I liked noting what I've gotten so far, and I've requested a few more, so we shall see.   Hopefully soon enough pictures of tiny new seedlings under lights will be here.

Plenty more ridiculousness is in order:

 via the Generator Blog    
Though alas, poor Gerard has left us, the Generator blog is still up.   This is the    generator, which asks ten questions then makes your superhero robot guy.  Because that sort of thing is what the Internet is really for, sillies.

More!  Andy Warholized Me from The Pictomizer  

I have high hopes for 2018, but fear it may be a stinker, so stop in here to get away from it all, is my thought.

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