Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Goals: Tech Goals

I love technology, for what you can do with it, not simply for itself.   I'm also a big fan of lifelong learning and think no matter how crammed with information your head may be, there's always room for more!

 Learn the basics of Photoshop.   I just have Elements, but the basics elude me.   I need to take a step by step approach, and I did write up one day how I might learn the basics in much the same way as I presented the basic of Microsoft Office products in classes.  Structure it that way, and point by point figure it all out.

I have a voice recorder from Sony which I bought to do some family history type interviews.  RTFM, and start talking!

Cringeworthy that I have a Brother label maker I haven't bothered to learn to operate.

There are a number of sites that help you do cartooning--love my cartoons or not, I enjoy them!  I need to really learn the possibilities that are offered and I'll torment my small reader base in proper fashion in 2018.

There are many Forms I'd like to create for myself, for everything from crochet to family history.  Word and Excel have many features I'm not using.  Time to deep dive.

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