Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Goals: Handywoman 101

It is always a goal to learn a few simple home maintenance tricks, things like caulking, and wall painting for bozos who like to spray everything with paint.

I also wish I could build simple garden structures like benches and trellises.

Though my house is small and there's no room for a single stick of furniture, I've always wanted to be able to find cute old furniture and restore or refinish it.     I read the Little Green Notebook Blog and Artsy Chicks Rule Blog  .

I see the lovely things they find and restore and think, I'd like to try that.

Somehow I need to start at the beginning and learn tools and their uses, including power tools--just sanders and little buzz saws.  Dangerous stuff!

 When we were first married, we looked at books on basic home maintenance and tried out hand at keeping our home cozy.  Busy busy lives led us to hire others to do these things, but I think it's time to return to becoming basic Fixit personages.   See me help Mr. DOA with a few goals for 2018!

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