Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Goals: Cooking and Baking

Ah, talk about dreamy goals.   I did some nice baking at Christmas, trying out cookie recipes, some carmel corn, and a few snack mixes.   I didn't get to all the recipes I wanted to try, but I think tomorrow there will be cookies.  To round out the year. Must have cookies.

I have so many recipes marked on various sites, and my cookbook collection continues to grow.  I think January will be a good time to work on a whole month menu, making sure to include new recipes each week.

I'll be working to perfect my cookie skills.   I want them to be just perfect, and nice to have with a cup of coffee.  They must also be something I can share with others so I don't balloon up.  We don't want that.

Breads might be something I can do this year.  I think I've conquered my fear of yeast and its gnarly temperature requirements.  I got the Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook for Christmas, and have several other books specific to breads. 

We have three staple soups that are very good.  I'd like to develop a nice vegetable soup as a standard menu item too, and have several recipes to try.

I have the most wonderful Chicken Pot Pie recipe I've culled from quite a few other recipes.  It is so perfect.  What I need is an easy and perfect crust.  I've marked a number of possibilities.   I do like a bottom and top crust.

Pies, pies.   I am going to boldly work towards pie heaven.  I have yet to find a blueberry pie recipe I quite like.  Ick on almond flavoring in it.  Just gross and overwhelms the berries.   I had a Christmas request for Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie.  Both turned out really well, even though I had to make a crust from scratch for the pumpkin.  I think I can do the homemade crust now, though.  Ive cheated with Mama Pillsbury's ready crust far too long.

Acquire two tools I don't have:   a waffle maker (I love waffles, plus I've seen some recipes using waffles as a sandwich base that look good) and a deep fryer.  We love fries, but they're not the same baked.  Sizzle em!

I also want to make doughnuts!

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