Thursday, December 28, 2017

DOA's Top Five Films for 2017

It appears I spent almost no time at the theater this year.  Yikes!  I was hard put to find five films I've seen.  Most years, I would have seen pretty much all genre films that were out there.  This year, I didn't even see all the ones I was interested in.  I need to improve on that for 2018.

In order:

1.    Star Wars, The Last Jedi

 I loved the movie.  It may be the best of all the films.  While I didn't care for Rey in The Force Awakens, she was resplendent here, and everything a Jedi should be, to her core.  All of the cast were in top form, their characters were great.  Long Live General Leia Organa!  I'm ok with how Luke's story went, except for the drinking of the milk from that creature on the island, eep.

2.   Wonder Woman   

This was a great movie by any standard.  The action was perfect, Gal Gadot was perfect as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman.    A film in which a hero is allowed to be purely heroic.  Imagine!

3.  Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2.   

You'd think you couldn't follow up Guardians of the Galaxy with an equally entertaining film, but they pulled it off.  Pure fun start to finish.

4.  Blade Runner 2049


The movie needed much more Harrison Ford, is my only criticism.  The world was gritty yet compelling.  The villain slimy.  I loved the AI love of "K".   How a completely utilitarian bit of household AI could have such intelligence, personality and soul, and ultimately bravery is a wonder.  No Rick is not a replicant.

5.   Logan    

I wanted Logan and Professor Xavier to sail off to that little island.  No reason they couldn't except the plot didn't allow it.   I really didn't like the destruction of the farm family that took them in.  Also not necessary.   On the other hand, the little girl Laura and all of the child mutants on the run would be a great movie on their own, and they should have started filming it right away before the kids aged a day.

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