Sunday, December 31, 2017

This Is Us Binge Watch Episodes Pilot through Ep. 7

I've seen the article headlines for this show, and being in a mood to just watch TV last night, I curiously loaded up the pilot.

At first I thought all of these characters are unlikable, why are people watching this?

Hours and hours later, after "one more episode" syndrome took me to 1 am, I'm totally taken by the characters and plot, and only dislike Kevin, who has been a bratty, selfish snit his whole life, so far.

My favorite character is Kate, both as a child and an adult.  She is such a smart, talented, wise woman. And beautiful.  Tough and vulnerable. I love every moment she's on the screen.

I now understand the fascination with Jack, and see how everyone could wonder about his death.  So cleverly is the story woven between past and present that his demise is something you know happens but wish would never come.

Randall is so great as a child, credit goes to the adorable actor Lonnie Chavis.   I've only seen a few episodes with teenage Randall, but he seems to be coming into his own as a person and character in those years.  Adult Randall is wonderfully complex, and is a great husband and dad.  Of the three kids, he seems to have learned the most from his parents, and he has their best traits.  I like that he is the one who keeps up family traditions.  His wife is wonderful.  His kids are super.   A brilliant man with a big heart.

Mandy Moore as the mom is alternately wonderful, awful, and frustrating.  She does a spectacular job of playing the character at various stages in her life.   You want to understand her keeping Randall to herself and her fear of him being taking away by his father, but the result of her actions is too crushing for the father and son.

I'm curious to see more of Randall and Kate's relationship, because so far the show has concentrated on Kevin's resentment and fights with Randall from childhood on, but I don't see the relationship of the two more interesting characters being shown.

I see season 3 (eep!) is coming up soon, and how can I possibly binge my way through the rest of season 1 and 2 by then?  Who needs sleep?

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