Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Goals: Crochet

Ah, the thrill of making good progress on a project!   I'm really enjoying my little stacks of Christmas Granny squares.  I had to move them at Christmas to allow for you know, guests and tidiness.  Itching to put them back in their pleasing stacks of ten so I can admire my progress.

My skills have improved so much this year, despite a few ambitious squares that I stalled out on--temporary, for sure.   Willow square, I'm looking at you.

I have a steady gauge now that isn't a stranglehold, all my squares are consistent!

My speed has increased nicely thereby increasing my chances of finishing projects.

I need to update my blogrolls because I now follow so many incredible crochet artists that I can make a separate list just for them.

Learning new stitches is on my horizon.  Half double, treble and maybe the front post stitch.  Maybe.

I'm branching out from afghans, though I love them best. 

Scarves are desirable projects.  Maybe if I find even one pattern I can do well, that will get me started.

Filet Crochet is something I'd like to work on again.  So beautiful and intriguing.  

There's a Yarn store hop upcoming.  Social me might go.

There's a local Crochet society.  I'm not very good, but maybe I could go once and see how forgiving they are of less skilled crocheters.

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