Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Goals: Papercrafting

I really need to work on my paper crafting in 2018.  Of all of my hobbies, this one is richest in possibilities and materials to work with.  Whether working on a scrapbook or making cards for various occasions,  you can do so much here.

Rubber Stamping   I love my vast stamp collection, and use them when I can.  The best I've managed so far is to color in some of the stamped images with color pencil.  I could be using markers, watercolor paints or water color pencils.   I have most rubber stamping techniques to learn, and the books, natch, to learn them from.

If I use my so so tracing skills, I could also be using my nice watercolors and watercolor pencils to produce nice cards.

Who has a lovelier collection of papers than I do?  I've individual sheets and books of themed papers.

I worked a little with glitter this holiday season, but I like it very much.  More glitter in 2018.

Sequins!  I watched this video on easily affixing sequins to cards, and I'm going to get some toothpicks in my craft room so I can try her technique.  Sequins aren't too bad in the mail.  I'm assuming the cards I sent with sequins kept them all on anyway.

I have a glorious Crop-a-dile I need to use. 

Somewhere, in my re-organizational efforts, I buried my sweet little kits for punching sewing like patterns in paper.  Find them!  Then I'll be able to embroider on cards and in scrapbook pages.

I like the multi-media possibilities of papercrafts, and would like to add some fabric bits to cards and pages.  Oh no, I'd have to get a bit more fabric.

Pocket Pages!  I have many documents of varying sizes I'd like to include in scrapbooks.   Here are some pocket templates

I'm looking for a pattern for making an entire pocket page for a 12x12 page, and I know I've found one in the past but, on the list, find a pattern.   This is close

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