Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Goals: Family History Project

Because I'm only trying to work back a few generations, and in good detail, I feel as if this project shouldn't be taking me so long.  Zzzzzz.

I suspect it's because I'm combining names and dates and photographs and timelines, and interesting paper and layouts in scrapbook form, rather than just listing listing listing.

Problematically, I'm listing willy-nilly and my files and photos are in as much chaos as if I'd never worked on the project at all.  How is that possible?

Must get a solid organizational plan for all materials and information already gathered.

Decide on a good layout for the book itself.

Tell a good story.  Nobody will look at these if a good story isn't told.

Settle on a family tree graphic, fill it in and use it to guide everything.

Organzie all files.

 Organize all photographs.

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