Tuesday, December 26, 2017

From The Negative Files of DOA

I had a great time with Christmas this year, and now have some leftover energies.  I'm reorganizing the deep archives, and somehow this morning thought about scanning some old negatives.  It is a wonder to me that you can make pictures from negatives with just your scanner.

I have some odd sized ones that don't fit in the trays the scanner comes with.  On some forum somewhere, a guy said he just places the negatives on the glass to scan.  Not recommended perhaps, but in the case of the very old and outsized ones, I'm seeing pictures that would never have seen the light of day.  I stuck a few up on Facebook, but with many of these, I don't know who the people are but I like the pictures.   Since I'm not at 100 posts yet for 2017, I can cleverly put them here.

Unknown cats.  Unknown location. From a black and white negative.  Was it snowing? Tornado? Construction zone?  They look like they need a nice spot in someone's house.

Old Time Music, Dancing Nightly   There's another of these too.  I can't think from what I know of my relatives who might have gone dancing.  Maybe my parents?

Some Bar, Somewhere.  Must be from dad's side, no actual pictures of those folks, but the most likely suspects to hang out in bars.  (Insert winky face)

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