Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Goals: The Garden

Sadly, I think I tossed my little DOA skellie doll.  Tsk, a goal for 2018, find a new little dressable skellie.

I haven't actually sat down with my garden notebook to make a good solid gardening goal list, but we're in Posting Mania mode so here are some off the top of my head goals.

Stay ahead of the weeds.

Get mulch in April this year, boy it is overdue for refreshing.  I like to cover the entire vegetable garden area and part of the sideyard.  I haven't been good about mulching my perennial gardens, because I'm always thinking I might want to add or move something and I don't want to have to dig through mulch to get to a spot.

Double check all gaps in the fence line to keep rabbits out of the side and back yard.  They're cute but voracious.  

Tighten up the bird netting on the vegetable garden fence to keep who knows what else out, somewhat.  Stop dragging away my corn and other plants, beasties!

All my raised beds need some replacement boards.  Might just make some smaller beds instead of the two larger ones in the center of the vegetable garden.

Find a way to solve the root problem in my raised beds.  Gawd, its like a solid root sponge in some beds.  Nothing can grow in that.  It may be that the solution is to take all the dirt out of each bed, and put in fresh landscape fabric and newspapers.  What a job.

Add a few perennials this season.  I've been pretty immersed with vegetables and annuals the past few years.  I need to overhaul my small perennial gardens and freshen them up.

Create a hosta garden along the south side in front of the arborvitae there.  It will free up space in the perennial beds and reduce the amount of greedy grass that grows all too well where it shouldn't.

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