Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mid-Season Report: The Walking Dead

For me, the show started a huge downhill turn with the way Beth's fate was handled.  Since then, the summary dispatching of characters "to advance the story" has been bleeding the show dry of it's heart.

Though he lives and thrives in the comics, Carl, the boy we watched grow up in the apocalypse is now to be dead when the show returns in February from a random bite.   How special that they saved the actual death for the midseason return.

Then there's the constant tease that Rick could die too.

This season was supposed to be when the Rick and the non-Savior groups rose up together to fight and defeat Negan.   Despite a few victories, Negan's army shrugs it all off and wipes out most of The Kingdom.  In a ridiculous scene, even the CG tiger was needlessly slaughtered.  There's the thing.  Character deaths apparently equal ratings.  Perhaps they might want to ask themselves why the ratings drop and drop.   Because you don't need to kill off characters every few episodes that your fans have been rooting for.  They're killing hope as well as the characters.

I think it may time to walk away.

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