Thursday, June 2, 2011

iPad Notes: Camera Roll and Connecting to new Networks

I found that the screenshots you take with your iPad (I have version one not iPad2) go to your Camera Roll. I haven't time to try it out this morning, but in order to use your screenshots you need to transfer them to a Mac or PC and use them from there.

Connecting to Public Networks

I find that taking my iPad between home and work confuses the iPad, and it doesn't just detect the new network and away we go.

At the library, I need to go to Settings/General/Reset Network Settings. Then, I need to open Safari ( a new session of it because it gets stuck on a previous sesion for some reason, agree to our user agreement, and all is well.

When I come back home, I have to do this again, then sign back in to my home network with a password.

Cumbersome, but other solutions I Googled got me nowhere.

On the plus side, it didn't make me sign in to iTunes to do any of this.

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