Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Lines Cryptograms

I had the scathingly brilliant idea yesterday to do a series of Cryptograms from first lines of books that came across my desk.

Cryptograms substitute letters of the alphabet in a phrase or sentence and they're in a sort of code. I'm not clever enough by far to make up my own codes, so I'm using several sites which allow me to make cryptograms from my first lines. So, I'll post the cryptographically altered first line today and will post the title and author of the book on Tuesday the 21st. Two days is plenty to solve it, right?

Lots more where this came from, so consider it that rare thing here at D.O.A. Central, a Regular Feature.

The Cryptogram:


To get started, write out the alphabet on a piece of paper and look for recurring letters in the sentence, and make educated guesses as to what they might be. Then ponder what makes sense in an English sentence for the rest of the words. As I was looking for first lines and reading about Cryptograms, I found that longer sentences work well because you have more recurring letters, and that first lines of dialogue or with alot of proper names don't work well. I know this one is short, but it was the one that triggered the idea and I just plain liked the sound of the sentence.

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