Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The 75 Things Project

My mother in law will reach a certain age later this year, and I thought a neat idea to celebrate that special birthday would be to create an uber gift basket with 75 small but fun objects in it.

I do the gift baskets for our Adult Reading program, so I think in terms of cool containers that might be fashioned into "gift baskets" around a theme. We'll need something cool yet useful that can hold 75 things in a charming display.

These are some of my ideas for this particular person (think small!):

Nail polish
Bath salts
Letters/Notes from old friends and relations remembering things about her, or saying how they feel about her, smooshy is good.
Pictures of her they might have tucked away that mean something to them.
A drawing/portrait of her from someone who is artistic
Snacks she likes
Garage sales-something on this theme
A Penny from her year of birth
Gift certificates or cards to favorite places
Momentos, small forgotten things that are celebrations or reminders

We have a few months, so this can be fun. The beauty of doing this sort of thing is, even if the person finds out you're doing it, they won't know what the objects are until they get the gift.

The Photo Booth Picture Strip can be created at Big Huge Labs.

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