Monday, June 20, 2011

Character Name Generators

Whether you're writing a story or creating a character for other nefarious purposes, sometimes you can't think of just the right name.

This is where Character Name Generators come in handy. They will give you random name selections or allow you to make some choices or adaptations to generated names. All you need to do is click and you're off on a new adventure.

Seventh Sanctum

Dungeons and Dragons Character Name Generator

Behind the Name Random Name Generator

Fictional Character Name Generator

ASR Klingon Character Name Generator

Generator Land Character Name Generator with personality, occupation and hometown

PANDA WOW Name Generator

Character Name Generator
For your D&D, fantasy, or sci-fi roleplaying character.

Quizopolis Halloween Character Name Generator (this site site has other themes too.)

All the Fantasy Name Links

Chris Pound’s Language Machines

Voidstate’s Exalted name Generator

Wordlab's Character Name Generator

Short Story Ideas Character Generator

SquidOrgs RPG Random Generator

Regency Name Generator

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