Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Virtual Reference

I'm working a couple of days a week now at our main library.

We offer "Virtual Reference Services" but don't call it that. This means you can "talk" with a librarian via email, instant message, phone or text message and get short pithy answers to all of your virtual questions.

In the case of three of those types of interaction, you need to be succinct in your interactions for reasons of clarity and space.

On the phone, you could jabber away like a parrot, but somehow you don't. I'm wondering if there is something about the service being so physically and virtually removed from the customer that you tend to telegraph your questions and responses in the same way you do with the text based stuff. Just a thought.

My goal is to be perky and snuggly across all of the types so you get that Real Person feel.

Hello? Librarian D.O.A. here, how may I help you today?

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