Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Nineteen Thirties Beckon

While toiling away finding good mystery web sites, I found the Cozy Chicks site which had a great link to the 1930s Marital Scale. You can take a quick test to see how you would have rated as a wife (or husband) in the 1930s. Here is hoping the link works, because we should all know how we measure up to the standards of the Nineteen Thirties, a very rugged decade, yet genteel, as the questions show. (It doesn't so copy and paste).

I may be D.O.A., but I rated 59 "Superior". Time for some red nail polish, methinks.

My cohort, aka the Floating Lush (don't ask) scored very low on the wife test but very superior on the husband test. Hmmmm.


  1. Love your site,
    what a fright,
    can't wait to read tonight!

    MonaBones- My mom still calls me that!

  2. "Don't ask"???

    YOU'RE the one who named me that!


  3. I got a 65. I'm a Superior 1930s wife! Kristian will be so pleased.