Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Starting over in the Middle

I'm going to back up and cover a few things better than in my previous try.


I can't recall if the current wiki examples were there the first time around or not.
SJCPL: At first glance, the SJCPL Subject guide looked a bit bare bones, then I noticed the subject links off to the sides. This would make for a great way to treat almost any topic.

Book Lovers Wiki: I really found this wiki appealing. It was fun to see multiple reviews of the same title side by side. I also liked the ability to index the reviews into categories for quick reading.

Library Success: a best practices wiki: Seemed a bit daunting at first. I looked at the Adult programming link however, and liked their ideas, so good things from long text strings can grow. We use the same wiki here, I think, and I suspect anyone new to ours will also think it is daunting.

albystaff wiki: I like the pbwiki format. I think the collaboration on the wiki is what it should be, but, it seems too informal for public viewing so I'm hoping this one is private, and this is just a sampler. I think I feel this way because they are discussing so much behind the scenes stuff.

So...I think the best practices one is too formal but the albystaff one is too informal. Stuff them both out of the public eye and I think I'll be happy. :)

Library Bloggers Wiki: a list of public and other libraries that have public blogs. I don't see us there! I do think blogs are a good way to communicate and feature your library in an easily digestible way.

Educational Heritage Project: Informational and collaborative all in one. The long list of resources at the end is particularly useful. This is a good example of how people who might not have the technical expertise to do a website can use a wiki to have a web presence.

Minnewiki: I'm not sure why this is in place as a wiki. Is it supposed to be a public bulletin board for the Twin Cities area music scene? Are the people listed there in the same sort of way, to promote themselves or somebody they know? I know nothing!

Beekeeping wiki: With my fear of creeping crawly buzzing things I feared this might have blow ups of big bees but, luckily this page just has a link to the MN Hobby Beekeepers Association. A good non-buggy example of how wikis can interconnect.

MN150 wiki: A bit bare bones (its all about the skeleton references here at D.O.A.). All that can be said is it is a good example of how a wiki might serve for a particular event.

Wiki Sandbox I wrote Librarian D.O.A. was here in true Kilroy fashion. By the time I scrolled down to submit my entry, a note appeared saying the entry had been edited while I was working on it and well, it was just all gone.

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