Monday, June 16, 2008

Thing 11 in the 23 Things Extravaganza

Last time around, I got to Thing 11 and came to a dead stop, as it were. I did the tagging section, and could see that it was useful, but was not to my taste! Somebody had to say it!

I am forcing myself to methodically do each Thing and take notes and approach it as something like homework or a visit to the dentist for tooth extractions or something really fun like that.

I created my account. I read the directions and put buttons on my links bar, cringing all the while thinking our tech support people were going to shriek horribly when they found I had installed them. In fact I thought I would get that tech nasty gram that says I haven't the privileges to install. But no! I was so wracked by guilt that I took them off, relieved to see they were so easy to remove. Big sigh of relief. I'll work on at home.

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