Saturday, May 6, 2017

Make Way For Ducklings!

This year's babies hatched Tuesday evening and the next day mom was ready to lead the ten ducklings out of the yard and to the pond.

The pond isn't far, but I worry about them making their way safely past people and dogs and children.   Then, Thursday afternoon when I went out to the shed, the mom and dad were in the yard squawking at me.  For a moment I thought, did they lay another set of eggs so soon?   Then my worrier mind thought something happened to their babies and in grief they were back guarding the last place they were safe.   I'll have to walk around the pond and see if they're all sailing happily along.


  1. How fun! I used to keep track of the ducklings in the pond where I walked in Taylor TX. The turtles ate some of them, so the numbers were less each day, but the batches were huge and lots of them made it.

    1. We've decided next year we'll follow them at a respectful didstance to make sure they get to the pond ok. Silly ducks.

  2. It's a man made pond and I've never seen any turtles around, yikes. An unusual predator!

  3. These were very large turtles!