Sunday, May 21, 2017

When Rice Doesn't Play Nice

Ok, we have a moratorium here at DOA Central on Rice Dishes.  Hard on the heels of last week's Hamburger Wild Rice bust up, we try Chicken Fried Rice.

I spare you a photograph of my results.  Here's the Life in the Lofthouse pic:

Nobody liked it.  One soul feared to be seen sliding it into the trash and had a counterpart do it.  No blame on this one.


So it turns out I can't make and maybe have never successfully made plain white rice.  It's always gummy and glossy and looks vaguely like an albino brain.  Ya.  The pre-made, pre-cooled stuff went flying out of the bowl it was stored in and might have dented the stove top if it hadn't landed in the fry pan.  (Insert Sad Face).   I did my best to break the ball up and incorporate it into the ingredients already in the pan.


While the chicken was nicely tender, ( I had it in a crockpot as the recipe suggested) the Teryaki sauce had a taste I didn't care for at all.  

Peas and Carrots:

I thought it could have used more of these, one cup was pretty spare.  Taster Number 2 was horrified there were peas in the dish.   He would have liked it without peas, he said.   I think he doesn't notice them in chicken pot pie somehow.  

Soy Sauce:

There are three tablespoons in the recipe, but as always  I was able to douse the stuff with more and I kinda killed the teryaki flavor, and I pronounced it not too bad.

Mr. DOA (aka the Final Arbiter) said it was "ok" and he didn't really like it, but he took some for his lunch.  Mr. Sweetie of the World.

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