Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I Miss Twitter

I closed my Twitter account last month.  I had been ignoring the new Privacy warnings you'd see when you logged in, but finally looked at it.

Yow, they advise you they'll be selling your email, personal information and browser history to advertisers.  Now that's intrusive.

I killed off the account, and lo, this is the last bastion of Librarian DOA, created in 2008 for the Things on a Stick program.  Heady times, those!

I'm thinking I need to find a way to get more posts in, and liven things up here on DOA.  You know how it is, sometimes even when there are lots of ideas, nothings gets written here (absorbed by my ever present notebook).

In any case, I did like Twitter, as a fun, light sort of newsreel of events.  It was all gardens and authors and movies and tv and cooking in my Feed.  Life: The Good Parts Version (Princess Bride Reference).   So some days I think of creating a sneak account for something innocuous like DumboPie whose personal information and email leads nowhere, and whose browser history is a cipher.   Hehehe.

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