Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Crafty DOA: Crochet Upgrade from Dunce Level...Maybe

Ive figured out how to comfortably do triple crochet!  I did it to create a Willow Square from the book 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans by Jan Easton.

The Patchwork Heart blog featured this particular square in a post earlier this year and I've been wanting to make it since.  So lovely!

I started my square out fine, so I thought.  By row three my square was curled over like a cap for a Chihuahua.  What the heck.  Tension too tight?  Pulled it all out.

Started again, and dang but it looked nothing like the picture.

 It dawned on me finally that the problem is the U.K. calls stitches different things.

  In this instance, a close squinty look at the picture in the book and the stitches section in the back, plus a page denoting the differences between US and U.K. Terms, bah its double crochet.  Too bad, the treble is fun and pretty.

I'll be starting once more, and hopefully I'll have a nice picture to post. (Incoming)

Update: redone with double crochet up to Round three, and it is perfect!  Yay me.

Round Four is incredibly challenging, with the most unusual, shall we say, mix of stitches I've ever seen.  I had to write it out line by line to "translate" both the stitch names and how the pattern needed to be read.  This block is marked Intermediate, not "just above dunce level", so it is no wonder I'm challenged.  I'm going to get it though, the Willow block shall BE MINE.

I'm using cotton yarn for this.  I thought as an exercise in learning to crochet better, using my cotton yarn would be a nice way to also use the many adorable little skeins I have hoarded.  I'm hoping to make the squares into a throw, eventually.  I picked one of my current ones out as a good size, and I plan to lay the squares out along the bottom of that throw to get width, then go up with more to get the height.  With 200 blocks in the book, I'm certain I'll have plenty.   I want each square all one color so that the pattern itself really stands out.

Blogger note:  you can't use the Blogger app for iPad anymore, you just get a message saying it doesn't work.  You can just log in from Blogger.com and type away, but on iPad, you can't add pictures from your camera roll, it wants a picture from the web. This would require a bunch of messing around, so I will just be going blah blah blah in pictureless mode till I go to my pc and work the easy picture magic from there.  What I'm saying is, don't peek till there are pics.


Rows 1-5

I'm up to row 6!   The fourth row is a bear.  There is a great YouTube tutorial on this square by Bella Coco.  There are actually 4 in the set. She shows the row then lets you pause and catch up.  She mentions row four as being particularly confusing sometimes.


The Patchwork Heart has a post giving help with round four in particular.  http://www.thepatchworkheart.co.uk/2015/10/willow-block-help.html

You can see on her page how beautiful these squares are, almost reminding me of stained glass.

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