Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Garden This Week

Cool temperatures this week were a challenge as I brought plants in at night or stored them in my little greenhouses.  I'm seeing predictions for more cool night temps coming next week which is discouraging. I'm working on potting up my plants in any case.

This week's nursery trip was to Highland Nursery in St Paul.  I enjoy their selection of annuals.

Here's what is in bloom this week in the garden:
Epimedium Rubrum

Daffodil Perhaps Mount Hood

Iris Cristata

Dicentra Alba

Vinca in a cocoa fiber pouch (and pot). It doesn't fill the space though I imagined the fiber would puff out and expand quite a bit.

Gerbera Revolution Mix

Over the years I've collected the animal shaped pots from my annual trip to Farmington Greenhouse.  I just love them.

I'm putting as many of my potted items around the outside of the veg garden as I can this year. It is my sunniest spot, and there is always the hope that the flowers will lure bees to the garden.

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