Friday, January 30, 2015

Garden Notes

There was a hopeful weather tidbit that theorized this winter could be like the miraculous winter of 2012 wherein we could begin gardening in March.

After two years of May snowfall, I hope it is true.  

I've started writing in my Garden Notebook.  This is a sure sign of spring.

I have made my initial run through of my catalogs, wildly marking everything that looks interesting.  That is such fun.  Another more careful list gets made of what I can actually grow and have space for.

After I've ordered, I have many seeds from last season that will be viable so those can get started now.  

I saved seeds from some of my hostas last fall.  I've grown hostas from saved seed before.  Even if they don't end up looking like the parent plant, baby hosta seedlings are adorable.  So cute.

I have high hopes for this gardening season, as always.

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