Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (Not a Review)

I avoided reviews of the movie before seeing it and just glanced at whether people on FB liked it or not before (finally!!) seeing it.  But ha, I am all about spoilers myself.

I loved it.  The characterizations and bringing to life of Middle Earth are without parallel. 

Each of the dwarves were so well realized.

I didn't mind the love triangle of Tauriel, Legolas and Kili as I thought I might have.  I really enjoyed Tauriel.  Kili was sweet and handsome but yo, who wouldn't go for Legolas instead?

Legolas and that crumbling bridge!  The way he danced up those falling stones.  Man he was at the top of his game.  I liked the interplay between Legolas and his father as well.

Martin Freeman is such a great Bilbo.  I confess I never cared for Ian Holm as Bilbo at all, but Freeman, oh how wonderful he was.  His conversations with Thorin, what integrity, little Hobbit.

The battle scenes were grand, I particularly loved the dwarves in their stout little armor taking on ANYTHING that came their way.

The elves with their sharp militaristic movements always impress.

Loved those mounts, the reindeer thing, the boar, wow.

Radagast the Brown did not disappoint.

Loved that bit at the end where Thranduil points Legolas towards a Dunedain Ranger named Strider.

I wanted to come right home and watch Fellowship of the Ring.

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