Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Blog Updates

I always like the idea of having post topics for some of the days of the week all set in virtual stone, but I am too daydreamy and floaty to accomplish it. 

Yet, I have been really good about having a crossword or word find here, and my Rebus's on Merlyn, so maybe there is hope.

I'm adopting two common ones that I think I can manage.

Wordless Wednesday which is just pictures, no words.   This fits nicely with my love of images and my inability to ever learn to type with more than two fingers and the occasional thumb.

Five Things Friday  appears to be five interesting or good things which happened during the current week.  I'm the list maker of your dreams, so I think I can do that one too. 

The other days of the week are still free for my insanely fascinating random topics.

I have been finding really great new blogs for the blogrolls in all categories.  Check there often for wonderful posts by creative beings.


  1. Great idea. I can only manage, barely, one post a week. I skip my Janet Cantrell blog a lot. Good luck and carry on.

    1. Well, I'm just fooling around in a bozo like manner and you are an Author actually Writing. You've no time for such silliness :)