Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dave's Garden: Beginner Gardening Goals: Get Organized for Gardening in the New Year

The author may think the information is properly aimed at beginners, but there's solid advice for anyone who gardens.   In addition to pouring over garden catalogs and making huge lists, doing some garden reading is inspiring. There are many wonderful garden essayists, from Vita Sackville West to Ken Druse.

Researching the bugs and fungi that invaded your garden last year is a great idea.  Except you'll never see me looking at bug pictures.   The worst thing for me as a librarian was to have someone come up to the desk with a jar of any size in hand.  Screeeeeaaammm!!!   The trick is not to look at the jar, while sidling through the stacks to the bug identification books and agh, the pest control section as well, then slinking away before they ask you to look at pictures with them.

I always think your should try growing whatever you'd like.  Some things will live, some will die, all will be interesting.

Have a notebook and start writing in it right now.  Gardening season 2019 has already begun.

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