Monday, August 15, 2011

Ye Elephant

Sometimes I don't write because I have nothing to say, sometimes I don't write because I don't want to say publicly what I have to say.

In my current case, I've decided to get the Elephant out of the back of the room and then go on from there.

My elephant is represented by Dumbo because I'm stoopid and have not taken care of my medical self for a long time. Doing that can result in suprises such as stage four cancer, which has kept me busy and in varous bizarro machines since the beginning of July, it seems.

This will not become a cancer journal, I have a place for that, but when I talk about the joys of reading more and playing DS Lite Games that I haven't taken the time to play, but now I'm sitting around in doctor's waiting rooms la la la and I can help you with some good distractions, I really can.

I am the mistress of How Not to Think About Whatever It Is I Don't Want to Think About. Distraction R Me.

There we go, you me and Dumbo, that sweet lil elephant can move forward.

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