Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Design Star: Monster Out!

I keep saying I won't watch each new season of Design Star because it seems very "rigged" to favor the judges selection, and I miss Clive Pearse as host.

Of course I'm pinned to the the show Monday nights. This season featured (past tense!!!!! yay) the meanest contestant ever, maybe anywhere Cathy Hobbs! She just was so mean and bullying to everyone she worked with, it was painful to watch her.

Thanks for finally knocking her out, judges.

From watching several seasons, I'm going to say the judges are setting up contestant Mark Diaz as the winner. We shall see.

Back to the fan vote, and boo hiss on calling Candace Olson who never appears, a show judge at all. Fine if they want to bring in guests, which has been fun, but the whole "she's busy busy busy filming her show" bah.

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