Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stereographic Cards

I have all of these cards with dual images on them from mom which I thought for a long time were supposed to be people we were related to or something. It turns out they were an entertainment and could be viewed through a stereoscope, presenting a 3D image.

Sort of a very early View Master.  I have a few which tell an odd little story about two little girls. Apparently the entire set of 12 was available from the Co-Operative View Company of St. Paul.  I may not have these in the right sequence.  There are elaborations of the storyline on the back, I've just noted the captions on the front.

The set was titled "Little Runaways in Brownie Land"

                      The Little Runaways Curlylocks and Sunnyheart looking for Brownies

                  The Sleep of the Innocents--A Dream of the Strange "Kitty"

Disappointed and Lonely the Little Guardian Finds Relief in Tears
Where the Elves Kept Christmas--Hoping for the Brownies Return
The Rescue of the Runaways--Faithful Fido Fetches Father

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