Monday, September 8, 2014

Chicon 2012 Strolling With the Stars Collage

I'm having trouble resizing a picture or two so I'm fooling around with online photo editors.  This is a collage from piZap.

We went to Chicon, the World Science Fiction Convention in August 2012.  There was a daily Stroll Among the Stars, where you could walk about a mile or so and talk with your author idols.  It was so cool.

I'm in all of these shots but I may be hard to find with only 6 months worth of hair regrown after chemo.  I had what I refer to as "football head" because that's what it looked like. I was unable to get my hair to part in the middle as it should for love or money. It had this awful, awful part way over on the side.  So look for the woman with not much hair whose head looks like a football. That is me.

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