Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Garden This Week

Another Roaster of a week.  Most garden time was spent watering.  In some cases, apparently overwatering, as many of my tuberous begonias shrank to nothing in their too wet pots.  Oops.

My charming little bird trellis looks great all painted in. 

It's hanging in the shed awaiting it's seed packet display. 

Shed Reorganization

I finished the big blue shelf, but, no picture of it for this week.  It made me think, though, if I am painting all these nice iron pieces, I'm storing them in the shed for the winter.  So I began the shed reorganization I'd normally be doing in September to prepare everything for winter storage.  It's really nice in there again.

Work in Progress

My sister moved and was going to leave an old garden bench behind in her yard.  Eeek, I've never apparently met a garden bench I didn't like.   So I stuffed it in my car, and decided to paint it, let's guess, PINK.

The same dark rose I used on the bird trellis for the legs and arms, and the Candy Floss Pink I used on my milk can for the seat and back.

This is going to take some time getting in all the crannies.

The Candy Floss goes on light and dries a bit darker.

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