Sunday, August 5, 2018

This Week in the Garden

Less time in the garden this week than the last.  Rain, some crummy virus...bleh.

While scooping the dog's area, I saw this little guy.  Do they predict fall coming early?  Is the all white fuzzy guy predicting blizzards ahead?  Stay tuned.

One of my beans (only one!)  was snipped off, then snipped off some more.  Dastardly creature, stay away from my beans.

See? My Pole Beans (Kentucky Blue Wonder) are ok, and are climbing their teepee.

A new birdbath with a nice sized bowl.  It looks pretty though it's plastic.  The birds and other beasties are really enjoying the birdbaths in the yard this year, so I've been on the lookout for more.  Many are almost flat and hold no water, which defeats the purpose of providing drinking and bathing water.

My tiny cucumber plants continue to grow though I haven't seen any tiny cucumbers on them yet.  They do, as advertised, make a pretty little plant in the garden.

My Big Boy Tomato plant finally has a few flowers on it, meaning tomatoes for meeeeee.  Sometime.

Tiny farm needs a better spot. At least the little animals haven't been carried away by anything.

My little table overturned.  I didn't think it was that windy this week, but I pushed the legs into the soil somewhat after putting it upright again.

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