Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Things on a Stick Thing 33: Travel 2.0

The Travel Thing is surely one of the most fun and useful exercises so far.

Travel 2.0 Articles

The article Next Wave of Travel Sites feels like MySpace by Gregory Lamb of the Christian Science Monitor is a great introduction to the "social" aspects of these sites, from blogs to journals to reader recommendations.

What is Travel 2.0 from Susan Breslow Sardone at About.Com provides a list of fourteen travel sites that give reader destination ratings and feedback.

Travel 2.0: Social Networking Takes a Useful Turn by USA Today business travel writer David Grossman talks about the travel community sites as well, but he seems a bit unconvinced that social networking is valuable or desirable.

Travel Blogs and Podcasts

I liked the writing style and presentation on the Lost Girls Blog and on My Kugelhopf best of this set. The blogs were conversational and informative. It was a pleasure to read both sites, whether I might go where they were traveling or not.

A more slick, formal approach can be seen on Notes from the Road I thought this was numerous authors but A. Nonymous kindly corrected me in the comments section of D.O.A. Central. Eric Gauger is the lone author of the blog, so very nicely done.

Review Sites

Most of these sites would be useful if you were looking for information on some particular travel destination. I was taken with Igougo above the rest for its immediate browsability. It took me a bit to see the site is...I Go, You Go smooshed into a smaller word.

Travel Journal Sites

These sites allow you to document your journeys with photos, Google type maps and commentary. None seem very well used however, so perhaps they're new and haven't caught on.

Travel Mashups

Green Routes Find your Green business and restaurants as you travel.

TubeJP is the London Tube Journey Planner. Maps out Underground routes and provides status updates for stations along the way.

Last but not least, the map my husband must *never* see FastFoodMaps We will never eat anything but Burger King or Kentucky Fried again if he finds this. shhhhhh!