Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Skin Deep

What a fun Valentine's Day episode from our Twisted Fairy Folk. They manage to cram so much into an episode and yet end with some cliff hanger that makes you wish it were next week so you can get more of the story.

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales. It has both Belle and the Beast looking beyond what can be seen on the surface to reveal the person who can be loved below. There is love and sacrifice and ultimate redemption.

I was not pleased to see that the Once episode would feature Rumplestiltskin as the Beast (and not just because they are over-using his character which they are). I wasn't sure Emilie de Ravin would be able to be sweet, smart, loving Belle. She was smart and funny and quite wonderful.

Somehow, they pulled it off and added layers to both the Fairy Tale and Storybrook storylines. Mr Gold/Rumple managed to be both sympathetic and exceedingly villainous.

Speaking of Villainous, the Queen/Regina has reached a new low as a hissingly Evil character. Her ability to snare people when they're weak and turn them and use them for her vile plans...she is something of a mirror of Rumple and his ability to see "Desperate Souls".

Rumple makes deals and advises gleefully that magic has it's price with his Desperate Souls, and he often lets them know deals can be broken. He doesn't seem to gain anything immediately from his victims though he laughs wildly when the deals sour. He doesn't gain puppets as the Queen does (well except for the poor couple from the Jiminy Cricket episode).

Romance Storybrook style:

I liked the girls night out segment with Ashley/Cinderella getting a shot at her Happily Ever After with her Prince. Even if their happiness is temporary it seems like a bit of a crack in the Curse to have this interlude.

Mary Margaret is growing and changing from the simpering schoolmarm to a woman who is taking her future in her own hands. I think that Emma and Red and Ashley and even Henry are looking to her for support and advice and that is helping her to find her Inner Snow White.

David is a long way from finding his Inner Prince Charming. The waffling between Kathryn and Mary Margaret on his part is making him look weak and mindless and stupid. I don't buy that he feels sorry for Kathryn because she is so nice and he theoretically has obligations to her. We know he has no obligations to her, and when he fell in love with someone else, even though it be his True Love, he needed to pack up and get the heck out. We all would have some respect for him if he had done that, rather than appearing to be a weak, slimy, cheating pig. I don't know how they will redeem "David".

I hope Belle gets released from her prison and that she comes out swinging. I don't believe her being alive to Gold/Rumple's knowledge would ruin any plotlines, I think it would just further complicate everything because Belle would certainly not rush to the Beast after all she has been through.

We have to wonder in fact how and why Gold looks and sounds sooo different in Storybrook than he does in Fairy Tale Land. He must have had some interesting clauses in his deal with the Evil Queen.

A final thought: I would like our Operation Cobra participants Emma and Henry to have stopped in a doorway on the way out of the jail to overhear the Gold/Regina conversation. Plots inside of plots!

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