Monday, October 3, 2016

DOA On TV Weekly Skull Report


All caught up from the premiere and last week's Gotham.  I don't appreciate Gordon's continued descent into amoral bad guy.  I think his portrayal as Bounty Hunter Bad Ass who has left the police life behind is pretty gimped by the fact that he is constantly at the police station anyway.  Good cop, bad cop, not a cop at all? Get him out of there.

Although I liked the younger Poison Ivy, and think her transferal to grown up sexpot via an instant aging bad guy was weak, the new girl playing a teen? twenty something? Ivy had some depth to her new madness.  Maybe it will be ok.

Someone toss Barbara out a tall enough window to have her permanently go splat, please.

Bruce's new resolve to ignore the Court of Owls and the evil doings at Wayne Enterprises is hopefully doomed to failure.

Marvel's Agents of Shield

Another largely Daisy-centric episode.  Her Goth look and Bad Girl attitude don't make her any more appealing.  Ditch her story lines asap please.   I'm liking the Ghosts.


Wow. I was rooting for Mari the uber gamer in real life because she was great.  It did seem that school playground politics and cliques won the day.  Icky background schemer Michelle is showing some repulsive manipulative ways.  Hannah, who is supposed to be smart, let Michelle browbeat her into voting for Mari, completely against her best interests, right in front of everyone at Tribal.   She deserves the next boot.


Off to Venezuela where MacGyver's partner Jack gets to moon over and save his ex-girlfriend Sarah, played by Amy Acker.  I've been repelled by Amy Acker as the spidery soccer mom in Grimm and as the torturer and psycho Root on Person of Interest.  This is the first time I've seen her play a relatively normal, mostly likeable person.  The show is pure fluff, but it's fine for a Friday night.

Van Helsing

I don't care about spoilers, peeps, so I have to say my favorite thing about the episode was the restoration of Doc from vampirism.  I love her so much!  It will be interesting to see how much she remembers from her time as a vampire, and I'm hoping she can help defeat them with her vampiry knowledge, though Axel locked her up before she got to bite anyone.  Vanessa herself still hasn't much personality.    Axel hasn't much either, but now Doc is awake, we've got someone to root for.

Once Upon A Time

Emma decides she should tell her friends and family about her visions, guided by Archie (the Exceedingly Smarmy Cricket), yet she doesn't actually tell them.   The Evil Queen half of Regina busts in and bowls everyone over and leeringly threatens.  Speaking of leering, those Evil Queen outfits of hers with the push up bra action get thrust into Rumpelstiltskin's face, then the face of the Gold persona.  That's an aspect we haven't seen before.   The Count of Monte Cristo makes an appearance as the Big Bad with an Untold Story this episode.

Fear the Walking Dead Season Finale 

They pulled out all the stops this episode for gore, gushing blood and deadly rage.  Everyone who was all whiny because Travis tried to retain his humanity in the apocalypse should have been pleased when he killed his son's murderers with his bare hands.  A zombie bit off a guy's nose.  Nick, who I don't find as likeable or attractive for that matter as everyone else does, put a zombie to rights by gouging his eyes out in a rather prolonged bit with blood gushing from the eyes after he finally removed his thumbs from the sockets.  Eeeww.   Alicia stood by her family by knifing a doctor to death with a quickie to the chest.  Killing a doctor in the apocalypse...tsk.   Nick leads the citizens of Colonia towards the border only to be met with gunfire and potential execution.  Oops for the little kids in the group.  Don't get cocky, Nick.  Madison, Travis and Alicia leave the hotel with a still wounded Strand staying behind, tracing the route to Colonia, temporarily overrun by Drug Lords, now home sweet home for an army of the dead.


It appears Ash vs The Evil Dead is on Sunday nights this year instead of Saturday.  Too much on Sundays.  I have this and Elementary recorded to watch tonight.

Poldark agh, started season two in early September, so zzzzzzzz.   Oh well.

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