Monday, October 17, 2016

DOA On TV Skull Report


The theme on Gotham is Mad City and how appropriate is that?  A sly, unfathomable Bruce look alike who escaped Indian Hills fancies Selena Kyle and poses as Bruce to steal a kiss.

The Mad Hatter character pursues his sister Alice for hideous reasons.  Her fate is almost a relief, as her character had a permanent deer in the headlights thing going.  Painful to watch.

Oswald Cobblepot is now Mayor of Gotham, having credited himself with cleaning up the "Monsters" from Indian Hills and making the city safe.

Madness!  Oswald's Main Man is The Riddler, freed from Arkham by Oswald.   Second banana Butch is now on the outs and could potentially ally once again with Fish Mooney.

James Gordon continues to growl his way through his scenes.  How he can possibly get a redemption arc is hard to imagine.  I'd almost like to see him get killed off.  Taking Barbara with him, agh.


This continues to explore Lucifer's mommy issues.  The emphasis on how "insanely hot" she is when she seems pretty middling to me is old already.  There is potential in her character and story line but it hasn't been touched, really.


The new season on the CW network is off to a good start.  I didn't think I'd like the actor portraying Superman, but he was actually a good, heroic, wise Superman.  It was funny to see how people were hero worshiping him, making Kara feel a bit like chopped liver.

You could see how nice it was for Kara to have someone like her by her side, a team, a little less lonely despite her excellent friends and family on the show.

Having Kara suddenly dump James before they even began was beyond annoying.  There was zero believable reason for it.   Very weak.

I loved seeing Cat Grant again though she seemed not herself, not the relaxed in her character woman we've seen all along.  Clearly she's going to go offstage on some venture that will explain why she is rarely if ever on the show again because of the move to Vancouver in real life.  Poorly handled.

The Flash

One of the things I've been worried about since the opening of portals to Alternate Earths was that the well honed Star Labs team, who can take on anything together, would be toyed with and we'd lose this version of these people.  The Alternate Earths story line didn't do that, but Flashpoint, this season's look at the perils of altering time seems to be doing just that.

We're getting, and seem to be stuck in, a Flash Verse that is just a bit different.   Problems between Iris and Joe. Cisco's dead brother coming between he and Barry, because Cisco wants Barry to time travel and undo his brother's death.  Kaitlin exhibiting early signs of becoming Killer Frost.  Because of course this sweet woman must become a villain. 


Marvel Agents Of Shield

I'm liking the new Director.  Oily when he needs to be, tough when he needs to be.  It's so much better that he be someone that is a good fit in the job so we don't just wish Coulson could have the job back.  Coulson is so much better in the field.


The individuals on the Gen X and Millennial tribes continue to be painful to watch as they're all so unlikable.    I don't mind when anyone at all gets booted.  They all deserve it.   I like the challenges this time around, they're a good mix of physical and problem solving.


I love Oliver, that's what keeps me watching.   I'm happy to see him building Oliver's Army to help combat the eternal stream of Bad that Star City attracts.  Maybe they'll get closer to triumphing with more bodies out there.


Love the show.  Not happy with Raimy throwing her dad to the wolves all the time, and really disliked her not speaking when her mom was there to hear her on the radio.  Back your dad up and talk to your mom, you brat.  The dual mysteries of the Nightingale Killer and who set up Raimy's dad to be killed are playing out so well.  I've seen comments that they shouldn't have revealed so soon who the Nightingale killer is, but I think maybe Thomas Goff is either not really the Nightingale killer, or that he will shift around to various places and circumstances over time depending on progress made by Raimy and her dad.

Lethal Weapon

This has been given a full season order.  It remains action packed and so very funny.   Murtaugh and Riggs have a great love/hate relationship.   Riggs is obviously a sucker for children, but shouldn't be left to feed the baby.

Designated Survivor

The show is such a continued delight and surprise and also has a full season order.  Just when it seemed there was a dead end to the "Who Really Blew Up The Capitol" subplot, a Mysterious Phone Call comes in.   I love Sean Wright to death as the new Press Secretary.  The man has such calm and intellect and presence.  Just what beleaguered President Kirkman needs, more guys like this, less like Aaron and his faithful assistant Emily, who are a bit too busy making googly eyes at each other to be helpful.   I was supremely disappointed in Kirkman not honoring the agreement Emily brokered with Rogue Horror Boy Governor Royce of Michigan.  I would have preferred Kirkman use the astonishing diplomatic skills he possesses to change the governor's mind and actions.

Legends of Tomorrow

I have some trouble with this show, one of the main things being the unlikeable captain of the Waverider, Rip Hunter.   Luckily he was taken out of the show with a rather weak but satisfying enough plot point.  The new "leader" is Nate Heywood.  Hmmf.  I liked the actor in last season's Minority Report, but I'm not sure he is a strong addition to what is already a rather weak cast of characters.   Surprisingly I like Rory best, someone who seemed like a cheapo gangster knock off early last season, but who has surprising depth and wit.   I am so not happy to see Eobard Thawne and Damian Darhk, two villains who have had more than enough air time on Arrow and Flash and should never be seen again.


Popcorn city.   Still watching.

Van Helsing

Why why why can't I like Vanessa?   She got herself captured by Vampires and is all cocky with them, biting her old apartment neighbor in the neck with obvious relish to show how baddass she is.  Then she flees into an underground tunnel the vampires themselves are afraid to go in, newly re-humanized neighbor in tow.   While in the tunnel, she and the neighbor act like two breathless scary movie bits of death bait.  Where's the bravado?  On the plus side she learns her daughter got out of her apartment and was taken away by police, so she may be alive somehow.   Maybe the daughter has Vanessa's secret vampire turning skill and has her own little band of vamps and turned vamps somewhere.   There's a Resistance but it is weak.  Alex and company have been overtaken by some refugees they let into the hospital.  Said refugees plan to kill and or boot Alex et all from the hospital.  Maybe they will reunite with Vanessa (who somehow makes it out of the cellar cause it's her show) and join the Resistance and go Vampire Hunting.  Well, well look at this picture.  I am right on the money.   At least the doc is still safe :)

Once Upon A Time

Hmmm.  On the plus side Jekyll and Hyde are gone.  What a painful storyline that was.   Everyone should be happy that Evil Regina and Rumple and chewing the scenery in completely villainous ways.  Honestly, even I am all admiration for how much fun the Evil Queen is having being Evil.   Rumple, not so much.   Belle should accept him as he is.  His best parts respond to her and keep him from all out villainy.  I like the kinder Rumple.  Nice haircut.


  1. I'm almost totally with you on Designated Survivor, but I liked the ending with the Michigan governor. I thought his reasoning was good. Onward to next week!

    1. I suppose on the heels of firing the General, this was a similar ruthless move. It will be interesting to see Kirkman evolve. I hope he doesn't lose his integrity in the process.