Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WIP Wednesday

WIP is "Work in Progress", which for many crafters actually means progress in a project.   Ha ha, we laugh at the very idea, right?  We have our dreams set on someday and our fingers in every possible crafting pie. 

If we are not sticklers, we could post from our vast UFO (Unfinished Object) pile and call it a WIP because we worked on it sometime, somewhen.   Then we can all cringe together at how little progress there ever was, or more awfully, how very little it would take to finish it up if, if IF.

Lucky for you I can't maintain these memes for long.


I made this to use up some bits of my ever favorite pink yarn.  I used to work on it mostly when I visited mom in the hospital.  She rather imaginatively referred to it as her "shroud".  Not a nice thought for such cheery pink, right?   It could be a done thing, but it at least needs the ends woven in.  I am interested in learning to do edges, and saw that you can create a simple one with a row or two of single crochet along the edge.  So doable.  Then why isn't it done?


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