Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Crafting Season

I've decided it's crafting season, officially. I work on my craft projects much more in fall and winter, once gardening season is over and it becomes less beautiful outside.  I made a To Do List for my crafting this morning.  Here it is.

A Decade In The Making Afghan Notes (Cue Zarathustra Music)

I'm on the second row of the edging on my decade long afghan effort.  It really is pretty.  I'm pleased that the edging turned out to be simple.  I'm doing the edging while I watch tv in the evening.  There are eleven rows of edge in the pattern!  We'll see how long my balls of black yarn hold out, it could be fewer rows if I run out as we go.

It's really nice and warm on my lap as I work, so I know it will be a nice light snuggly afghan as winter closes in.

Crafting Goals

Here's the sort of thing that is in my ever present notebook, that I'm going to mercilessly copy here to get to that goal of 100 posts.

Reorganize yarn and inventory it. 

The old inventory list I used is on a site which seems to be gone, so make a list like this for yourself, and away you go.

Hmm, maybe I should add Source.  You get the idea.

Do the Clothespin Thing

Sounds wierd, I know, but if you read the Attic 24 craft blog (on my sidebar) she wraps a little yarn around a clothespin then writes the type and color.  These she cleverly uses to decide color designs for her afghans.

Dept of Yarn Lust Is Real

My latest yarn desires are Red Heart Dreamy

And Red Heart Collage

As with Caron Cakes Yarns, they're hard to find, (and are often Sold Out on the Red Heart site, with no restock date ever offered) and they're expensive, for me.  Still, I can go to the site and click through the color variations if I'm stressed, and I think sooooo pretty...


We traveled Route 66 in September, and not only have I not posted on it, all my nice paper memorabilia has not been put in the lovely scrapbook I bought before we left.

Christmas Granny

Oops, what happened there? on like row 17 of 32 then la la la.

On the list.

Complete Willow Square

Remain frozen contemplating Row 4!  Weenie!

Make And Send A Few Halloween Cards

I only do the Christmas, and since I never got any feedback, I thought people didn't appreciate my childish efforts.  It turns out, they LIKE them.  So, I've got the materials up the yahoolie, and I'll make them for more occasions.

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